We import, process and supply nuts and dried fruits all over Russia and the CIS

packaging, create trademark and we provide processing products.

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Roasting, dragee, drying and packing on modern equipment.


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We are interested in cooperation with big producers and suppliers of nuts and dried fruits

"Green Line" company has been working for more than 5 years on the FMCG market of the Russian Federation. Our main specialization is processing, packing and wholesale of nuts, fruits and dried fruits both in consumer and industrial packages.

Our production facilities, consisting of tunnel kilns and packaging lines for various types of packaging, allow producing up to 500,000 kg of finished products per month.

  • Sterility in the factory
  • Production of finished products up to 500 000 kg per month
  • Temperature regime

The modern warehouse complex with maintenance of the set temperature and humidity of air allows storing raw materials and finished products in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 и FSSC 22000:2010.

Today we are interested in cooperation with manufacturers of the following products:

  • Raw Pistachio

    Raw Pistachio

  • Raw Cashew

    Raw Cashew

  • Almonds peeled

    Almonds peeled

  • Hazelnut


  • Peanut


  • Fresh kiwis

    Fresh kiwis

  • Pineapple candied

    Pineapple candied

  • Candied papaya

    Candied papaya

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Increase of profit at cooperation on 15-30% from a turn on a snack group

Our company specializes in the production of nut products, seeds and dried fruits. We independently import raw materials from the regions of growth from the biggest producers, which makes it possible to make the best deals on the market, ensuring a consistently high quality of products

  • 5 years

    On the market

  • 500 million rubles

    Income for 2016

  • >40 SKU

    7 kinds of nuts

We have our own fleet of modern equipment, which allows to carry out qualitative processing of any complexity and packing in all popular types of packages.

The availability of its own logistics complex and large production facilities allows to execute and deliver big orders on time. At a convenient time you can visit our production and see for yourself the quality of the raw materials used, the sharpness of the technological processes, the qualifications of the personnel and the state of production.

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Location of our partners

  • Argentina

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  • Brazil

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  • Vietnam

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  • Georgia

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  • Iran

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  • Chile

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  • Thailand

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    candied pineapple

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«Anuga» - all the world's novelties under one roof in Cologne
The exhibition «InterFood Siberia» presents food products, raw materials and ingredients for food industry.
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RF, 127411, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 157, p. 9, office 9308 a, b, c.



RF, 141051, MO, Mytishchi municipal district, s / p Fedoskinskoe, Kapustino village, Sh. Dmitrovskoe, p. N 36.

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